• Type: Web Template


  • Features: Bootstrap, Responsive, Advanced Search Option, Social Media Sharing, How It Works, Contact Form, Blog
  • Style: Corporate
  • Color: (Blue)

TechFinder is a web template that can serve as a website for the booking of service men. With attributes that are very easy to use, you can be made sure that you can have more customers in no time. With its 100% web responsive design, your website users, and coming customers, can access to your website from any type of mobile devices, without having to be worried that its quality will be reduce. At the same time, the whole template is very easy to use and navigate, adding to the ease on your part as the owner of the site. Overall, the website would be very friendly to users, whether it is the owner, or the customers. It is also social media friendly and have social media sharing icons, allowing your company to escalate accordingly. The template has an attractive custom banner image, with a short info about the website. Search using the category and the location would provide an excellent and easy way for your customers to find good rated service men. Users can select the categories of the service they want and they can see a list of service men in that category. You can define the working of the website in the how it works so that the users won't have a problem. If you are a servicemen, you can choose any of the profile packages to make your profile more visible to the customers. There is a section for blog posts and a section for customers to contact you. The footer of the template has all the important links of the website along with icons of social media accounts for online marketing.